Chopper x Franky Skywalk
Chopper x Franky Skywalk
Chopper x Franky Skywalk
Chopper x Franky Skywalk
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Chopper x Franky Skywalk

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Frankyyy Skywaaalk! Homage to the "One Piece" manga/anime series. One of the funniest moments in One Piece: Chopper & Franky body swap because of Trafalgar Law ability “Ope Ope Devil Fruit”. Based on that story, we re-create the character using Chopper's Body and Franky's anime scene when building stairs through the sky in Thriller Bark Arc.

Each wallpaper created using a soft color background to reduce eyestrain.

Background Color

Soft White & Light Brown.

Total Wallpaper

2 (two).

Important Notes

  • Wallpapers will be sent in .zip & HD format.
  • You can only download the files twice to prevent excessive bandwidth usage, after that the link will be expired.
  • Choose your wallpaper based on your mobile phone requirement. Didn't find your exact size? choose the closest & bigger one. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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